Lost super? Multiple accounts? Underperforming fund? Consolidate, streamline and strengthen your superannuation, building a strong foundation for your future

Most people couldn’t care less about their superannuation. They don’t check their statements, have no idea how much is in their account, and don’t understand how their money’s being invested.

But if you’re like most Australians, your superannuation will be your largest investment at retirement. And taking control of that money can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your super, creating a strategy designed to support your ideal retirement lifestyle.


Consolidate Your Superannuation

If you’ve changed jobs a few times, chances are you’ve accumulated multiple super accounts or have even lost super. Consolidating your super is a simple process that can make a significant benefit to your super savings, helping you:

  • Save money in fees and charges
  • Keep track of your super
  • Select an investment and asset allocation strategy tailored to your investment preference

However, it’s important to review any unintended loss of features and benefits like insurances and investment performance before you make any changes. We can help you determine whether switching is in your best interests.


Maximise Your Funds

For many people, superannuation is one of the most tax effective ways to save for retirement. So it makes sense to take as much advantage of these tax breaks as possible. We can help you accumulate more super over time with simple tax strategies like:

  • Salary sacrifice
  • Concessional and non-concessional contributions
  • Spouse contributions
  • Government co-contributions

The key is to start making contributions as early as possible. A small amount invested today, combined with the right investment strategies, can make a massive difference tomorrow. At Wealthone, we’ll ensure you make the most of opportunities to grow your wealth today, building the future of your dreams.